By Sculptors Claus Ørntoft and Marit Benthe Norheim 2023 



Captain Jens Skovrider was ill with cancer when he and his wife Sigrid Skovrider asked us to create their gravesite.

Although we work independently, we decided to fulfill their wish and intertwine our artistic expressions into a shared narrative, in collaboration with them.

Jens Skovrider sailed around the world as a captain for Mærsk. Sigrid was with him for many years but became a sailor's widow to stay home with their two sons, Niels and Ole.

Towards the end of his career, Jens also became the captain of the sailing sculptures, Life-boats, where both he and Sigrid volunteered.

The symbols we have used are therefore directly linked to the sea. The breaking waves make way for the figure, which embodies the Life-boats sculpture while simultaneously being both bird and angel.

The main theme is the source of life and resurrection.

Jens Skovrider's mother came from Trondheim, and the slate plates are from a quarry on Dovrefjell, a place significant to the whole family.

We traveled to the quarry in the high mountains and individually selected each stone for this composition.